Dreamer Sportfishing
Allyn Watson is the sole owner of the vessel Dreamer and has earned a reputation of being number 1 when fishing the elusive white seabass.
Allyn is known for bringing the hogs in, and is consistently number one for the most seabass caught (SAC Association). Allyn has fished and studied the California Coastline and Catalina extentively and knows Catalina Island like nobody else, earning him the reputation for being the White Seabass "King".
Since first entering the Hubbs competition in 2003, Allyn has placed 1st for seven consecutive years, catching the most tagged white sea bass. The boats participating in the contest qualify by sending the heads of all sea bass caught aboard their boat to the Hubbs Sea World Research Foundation.
The Dreamer is a 46 ft Seaway and its fishing capabilities are excellent for fisherman that love to fish around the boat without any obstacles, from bow to stern. It sleeps 6 big anglers, is spacious with color T V, VCR, stereo and DVD. The galley includes stove top, Microwave, Refrigerator, fresh water sink, and a table which seats six. We have storage coolers for drinks and coffee is on the house. Dreamer's 2 ton fish storage hold makes it easy to store your catch and keep it cold no matter how big it is.
You won't find a more knowledgeable crew than the Dreamer crew - We will set you on the spot and get you on those wide-open bites that you've only heard of. When you get on the Dreamer you are met by an experienced crew with the expertize to get you what your looking for. With Allyn behind the helm, and with the boat powered with twin 350 turbo Cummins Diesels, it will have you running to the inner islands or the outer banks in the most sought-after white seabass boat on the coastline.
Dreamer cruises at 15 knots, making it one of the fastest on the coast. Get in on the Dreamer's fishing schedule and it will be a trip you will always remember. Customers have fished with Allyn repeatedly and they always come back year after year.
The Dreamer stands for the best. When the time is right for you, call us, get on the boat and get the job done fishing with a true legend - the one and only Allyn Watson.