6 Best Braid For Bass Fishing: Fish More Bass!

Best Braid For Bass Fishing

Anglers, particularly seasoned ones who are familiar with their equipment, are quickly gaining popularity for braided fishing lines.

This is due to the very distinct benefits they provide over mono and braid fishing lines, which may persuade you to use them much more frequently. Read this passage and find the best braid for your bass fishing!

Why Use Braided Fishing Line

You don’t, is the straightforward response. You can, however, easily find someone who isn’t using lures if you are serious about lure fishing by visiting any forum or Facebook page.

In terms of the terrains we fish over, our type of fishing can be quite extreme. rocks, kelp, and structures that could be hiding places for that bass.

No Stretch

With braid, there is no stretch, allowing you to use the lure more directly. Additionally, I’ve found that braid is significantly superior when bait fishing off the rocks.

The reason is that you can avoid those snags that the tide may drag you into by using a heavier braid line, such as 40 to 50 lb, on a fixed spool. In the long run, you lose fewer tackles.

Good For Heavy Cover

The ability to muscle fish out of dense cover is yet another reason to start using braid for bass fishing. It goes without saying that bass will wait to strike in thick lily pads or fallen wood.

Once they have, they want to quickly reappear behind that cover. By using braided lines, you can pull them in your direction before they have a chance to retreat into their dense cover and become tangled. 

Strength To Diameter Ratio

You can still have a heavier pound test because the braid’s small diameter will fly through the air and cut through the water more effectively.

For comparison, a 6-pound-test monofilament has a diameter that is similar to that of a 15- to 20-pound-test braid.

More significantly, due to the thin diameter, the braid can be wound onto a spool with greater strength than monofilament or fluorocarbon can.

Best Braid For Bass Fishing

High Abrasion Resistance

The majority of monofilament and fluorocarbon lines start to lose strength as soon as they contact water. Especially after a day of fishing near heavy cover for monster bass.

Even when slamming into logs and other snags, it is highly unlikely that any fish will be able to break your line if it is braided. You won’t need to buy more lines any time soon if you make an investment in a premium braid.

Increased Casting Distance

Although there is some disagreement regarding this advantage, in my experience, I have found it to be true. I frequently think I have more placement control and the casting feels smoother.

The line must have time to set to the reel after being spooled in order to prevent setting on and becoming tangled.

The Best Braided Fishing Lines

Powerpro Spectra Braid

The original PowerPro fishing line wasn’t the first braided fishing line on the market, but it was one of the first to get widespread buy-in from anglers.

Even today, a few decades later, it is still incredibly popular and can be found for relatively low prices at both upscale tackle shops and big-box stores.

It is made of spectra, and it is available in Moss Green, Hi-Vis Yellow, Vermillion Red, and White, with strengths ranging from 3 to 250 pounds test.

Ygk G-soul Ss112 Sinking Braid

The braided line product from the Four braided fibers and four “Super Ester monofilaments” is used in the domestic Japanese market, and they work together to make the braid sink much more readily than most other braids. Additionally, it has a silicon coating to help it cast farther.

You can purchase it in 10-, 14-, 16-, and 20-pound test spools of hi-vis line that will help you detect strikes even in the wind because it is intended for finesse presentations where a leader will be added.

Lunkerhunt Sinking Braid

The Lunkerhunt Sinking Braid is another braided fishing line meant to sink, and that means your pitching or flipping bait makes a quick and vertical descent to the bottom.

Eight woven strands of high molecular weight polyethylene are woven around a fiber core (PTFE) in this lure, which not only gives it cutting power in thick or matted vegetation but also makes it smooth enough to prevent a “sawing” sound as you yo-yo your lure in the sweet spot.

Although there are lightweight versions designed for spinning gear, stock up on it in the 50-pound class for all of your flipping needs because it is remarkably supple.

Spiderwire Ultracast Aqua Camo

Spiderwire has remained ultra-popular since its introduction, which has manifested itself in new formulations and purposes, including the eight-strand company’s Ultracast, which is at the top of the lineup.

The “camo” pattern offers the best of both worlds by keeping it hidden from pressured fish while also enabling line watchers to detect when soft-biting fish have discovered their lures.

Fins Windtamer

The ensuing wind knots, which seem to appear out of nowhere and defy both physics and logic, are a nightmare when fishing braided line in strong winds. They can interfere with casting, weaken the line, and cost you time and money. 

Windtamer is constructed and processed to be round, which not only reduces the number of annoying wind knots but also reportedly minimizes the severity of backlashes and prevents the line from digging into itself on the spool.

Although it also comes in “Pitch Black,” the majority of bass fishermen will pick the chartreuse, dark green, or slate green colors.”

Trilene Big Game

Don’t expect high-visibility or fluorescent options from the Big Game’s color scheme. Instead, look for options that are almost invisible.

In spite of this, many saltwater anglers are very aware of how well these colors blend into the background in a variety of situations!

The fish don’t seem to be able to see Big Game, and many fishermen have used this in place of the significantly more expensive fluorocarbon options.

Excellent knot strength and ease of tying even with heavy weights. It casts well too, being admirably limp and lacking in memory.

Final Thoughts

Using a good braided line when you’re fishing can elevate your experience immediately. These three are fantastic options if you want to catch big bass with some of the best fishing lines available! 

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