How Fast Can a Mako Shark Swim?

How Fast Can a Mako Shark Swim?

One of the fastest sharks in the ocean is the shortfin mako shark. So, let’s know more in detail about these Cheetahs and know “how fast can a mako shark swim?

So, how fast can a mako shark swim? It is important to remember that the mako shark has two species: the shortfin mako shark and the longfin mako shark. Since it can swim up to 70 mph, the shortfin mako shark holds the record for being the fastest shark.

Continue reading to learn more about the mako sharks, also known as the ocean cheetahs.

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How Fast Can Mako Shark Swim?

One of the fastest shark species that can be found in deep waters is the mako shark. The two Mako shark species, the Short-fin Mako Shark and the Long-fin Mako Shark, both have extremely fast swimming speeds.

The Short-fin mako sharks can reach a speed up to 45 mph (miles per hour) to 70 kph (kilometer per hour) whereas the Long-fin mako sharks can bust with a top speed of 35 mph to 56 kph.

How Can Mako Sharks Swim So Fast?

The Mako sharks are endowed with a variety of traits that enable them to move quickly through the ocean water. Some are listed here:

How Fast Can a Mako Shark Swim?


The absence of bones in sharks and the presence of cartilage in their bodies allow them to swim quickly and nimbly throughout the ocean.

Dermal Denticles

The skin’s dermal denticles, which are tiny, flexible scales made of crystalline minerals, are another noticeable characteristic. The denticles regulate the water’s flow over the body and lessen resistance, enabling Mako sharks to swim quickly.

Endothermic Body

The biological adaptability of Mako sharks which plays a key role to be the fastest sharks in the open water is the endothermic body. The sharks keep their body temperature typically high in comparison to the water around them because they are capable of maintaining it.

The shark stores body heat in the form of energy which helps them to efficiently swim through the water by using their muscles.

In addition to being quick swimmers, mako sharks are also adept at changing directions quickly. The Mako shark is the top predator in the oceans due to its quick swimming and ability to change the flow of water in a matter of seconds.

How Many Species of Mako Sharks Are There?

The Mako sharks have two species. There are both longfin and shortfin makos. These two species share many similarities and few differences. The name Isurus oxyrinchus is also used to refer to shortfin mako in scientific circles. Isurus paucus, on the other hand, is the name of the longfin mako.

How Fast Can a Mako Shark Swim?

Mako sharks have two separate species, but up until recently, only the shortfin mako shark was recognized as the official name. Later, the mako fishes with longer fins were titled shortfin mako sharks differently.

Both the Species Are Open Sea Predators Who Are Inhabitant in Warm Waters and Keep Touring Around the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans.

So, it would have been clear to you that there are two Mako Shark speakers. Tell us now if mako sharks are consumed by humans or not.

What is a Mako Shark?

A Mako shark or a shortfin mako shark is also known as the “Cheetah of the Ocean”. The word “mako,” which in Màori means “shark” or “shark tooth,” is used to describe this endangered species. It is a big species that grow quickly. You can find this shark, which has a cylindrical shape, in warm streams or the gulf during temperate and tropical seasons.

However, these species stay at 150m below the surface and far from land and Shores. Shortfin mako sharks can thus maintain body heat even in chilly underwater conditions. The shortfin Mako shark, according to Newsweek, has taken the strongest shark bite in history. 3,000 pounds of pressure were measured.

Interestingly, Mako Fish is One of the Most Prized Game Fishes With Expensive and Rare Meat, Fins, and Liver Oil. for This Reason, It is Getting Close to Extinction Each Year.

Do Humans Eat Mako Sharks?

Sharks do not eat humans, but they do not have to. For their meat and oil, humans hunt fish. Mako sharks are no exception. Humans also hunt sharks.

How Fast Can a Mako Shark Swim?

Despite not eating humans, mako sharks have been known to attack humans eight times; none of these attacks resulted in death. They are as challenging to deal with as any other shark.

These sharks have a meaty, dense flesh that is low in fat, making them the best sharks to eat overall. often mistaken for swordfish on the label.

They are frequently caught by fishermen alongside a school of tuna or swordfish, and they are prized for their liver, oil, jaws, skin, and teeth, which are frequently used as trophies and decorative items.

Their decrease in population has also earned them the government’s protection. According to the International Union for Conservation of Nature’s Red List, they are classified as “Endangered.”

Interesting Facts on Mako Sharks

Humans have always been drawn to mako sharks. So now let’s talk about some exciting facts about Mako sharks:

  • A mako shark lives from 28 to 25 years. The mako sharks also live longer as time goes on, just like other species do.
  • Mako sharks are regularly caught in human nets, and their flesh, oil, and teeth are then sold in the markets.
  • Human attacks by shortfin mako sharks are undocumented. However, longfin mako sharks had attacked humans in the past.
  • Interestingly, according to scientists, there is some sort of conflict between male and female mako sharks. This is because they don’t come together until they have to mate.

Conclusion: The Fastest Species of Sharks

The Mako sharks are known as the fastest species of sharks. The fastest sharks in the world’s oceans and seas are called short-fin makos. The maximum swimming speed of a mako shark is 45 mph (miles per hour) or 70 kph (kilometers per hour).

However, the mako shark is an ‘Endangered’ species by the IUCN because their population is decreasing after being caught in human fishnets.

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