How Long is Tuna Season? A Complete Guide

how long is tuna season

Find out how long the tuna season lasts so you can catch more of the fish!

The best fish to catch and to eat for a very long time has been tuna fish. You must take into account how long the tuna fishing season is in this situation.

The season for fishing tuna typically ends in the middle of winter. The northeastern United States typically has a June start to a November finish to the tuna fishing season. But the ideal months for catching tuna are August and September.

In this guide, we’ll break down how tuna season is structured and the regulations regarding the most popularly fished species.

How Long is Tuna Season?

I tune into the Wicked Tuna show every Sunday at nine o’clock. Because I enjoy this show a lot and am beginning to plan to take a charter next year. But how long is the Washington Wicked Tuna fishing season, and when is the best time to catch Bluefin tuna?

Although tuna can be caught all summer long, visiting anglers should go albacore fishing in Westport in the months of August and September.

Tuna fishing season begins in June and lasts through the mild winter. But when it turns into a harsher winter, then it is not best for tuna fishing. So sometimes it starts in July later than usual and doesn’t go on as usual.

According to the website that provides details about Gloucester’s tuna season, it begins in June and lasts for about six months, usually ending in November.

When is Yellowfin Tuna Season?

how long is tuna season

Yellowfin tuna is also well-known as “ahi tuna” and congregates in tropical and temperate waters.

Between May and November is the yellowfin tuna fishing season. June, July, and August are the best months to fish for yellowfin tuna.

When is Bluefin Tuna Season?

Bluefin tuna is the largest variety of tuna, which is why it has been so popular and overfished. From subtropical to cold water, these tuna can be found swimming there.

The fishing season for bluefin tuna lasts from June to November. The best months for bluefin tuna fishing are June and July.

The amount of bluefin tuna that can be caught has a cap, so if that cap has already been reached, the season may end early. Due to this, June and July are the most popular months to catch bluefin.

When is Albacore Tuna Season?

The albacore tuna is smaller than the bluefin or yellowfin varieties and is also referred to as longfin tuna. Warm, tropical waters are where albacore tuna prefers to reside.

From June to September is the albacore tuna season. The best months for albacore tuna fishing are August and September.

Tuna Season in the USA

States in the USA have different seasons for tuna. Here, I will answer the most asked question,” How long is the tuna season?” I will list the majority of the locations and the duration of the tuna fishing season.

  • Florida

The fishing capital is regarded as being in Florida. The warm tropical weather is absolutely suitable for catching fish. Because of this, the fishing season for tuna in Florida is not capped.

But that does not imply that you can always catch tuna. The excellent time for tuna Anglers starts in May and lasts till September.

  • Hawaii
how long is tuna season

Hawaii is a wonderful travel destination. If you want to find yellowfin tuna fish, you should pay a visit to Hawaii. In addition to surfing, Hawaii offers the chance to catch tuna and take in the atmosphere.

However, if you want to know how long is yellowfin tuna season? The season runs from May to September, I’ll say next. But the best months for tuna fishing in Hawaii are June, July, and August.

  • Louisiana

Louisiana is another popular destination for various seafood. In Louisiana, you can find delectable seafood all year long. There are numerous varieties of tuna, including bluefin, blackfin, and yellowfin.

  • Texas

The weather in Texas varies. You might consider going fishing in Texas if you feel at ease with the change.

In the United States, Texas is regarded as having the best saltwater fishing. According to local fishermen, the best months to catch tuna are July through November.

  • Delaware

Pack your fishing equipment and begin fishing in Delaware if yellowfin tunas are more your style than bluefin. The majority of the year, you can find yellowfin tuna there.

  • California

So how long is albacore tuna season The best time of year to fish for albacore tuna varies throughout the year? The most competitive fishing period is from July to August.

In addition, the low tuna fishing seasons are from January to May and from October to December. However, California is a fantastic location that will provide legendary tuna fishing.

  • Washington

Albacore tuna can be caught in the summertime. But how long is tuna season in Washington? The start of the season, which could last until November, could be in late June. The months of August and September are, however, the best for albacore fishing.

  • New England

The best location to catch bluefin tunas is in northeastern New England. Tuna exploration here will never get old. November marks the end of the season, which begins in June. Between January and March, tuna weighing 100 to 600 pounds can be caught.

  • Maine
how long is tuna season

Maine is a popular tuna fishing destination in the northeast. You might have an interest in knowing how long is tuna season in Maine. From June to November, Maine’s tuna season is open.

Here, you can get bluefin tuna. But according to the locals, anglers do occasionally catch tunas in December. For Americans, a six-month tuna season is not long enough.

Tuna Fishing Regulations

Regulations are required to prevent overfishing and to properly preserve the populations of various species.

It’s always a good idea to check with your local fishing authority because these rules differ from nation to nation and state to state, making it risky to flout the rules and risk getting fined.

Yellowfin Tuna

The yellowfin is not regarded as a threatened or overfished species. Yellowfin tuna caught must be 27″ or more, and there is a maximum of 3 per person per day or trip.

Bluefin Tuna

Due to overfishing and poaching, bluefin tuna is a species that is considered to be endangered. Because bluefin tuna is an endangered species, stricter rules and regulations are in place for this fish.

For those with an HMS angling permit:

  • No bluefin tuna under 27″ are allowed to be caught
  • For bluefin tuna ranging from 27″ to less than 47″, a maximum of 2 per vessel per day (or trip) is applied
  • For bluefin tuna ranging from 47″ to under 73″, a maximum of 1 per vessel per day (or trip) is applied
  • For Trophy North bluefin tuna measuring 73″ or more, a maximum of 1 per vessel per year applies
  • Trophy South and Trophy Gulf bluefin tuna measuring 73″ or more are in closed fishery status, and fishing is prohibited
how long is tuna season

For those with an HMS, Charter Headboat Permit while fishing recreationally:

  • No bluefin tuna under 27″ are allowed to be caught
  • For bluefin tuna ranging from 27″ to less than 47″, a maximum of 3 per vessel per day (or trip) is applied
  • For bluefin tuna ranging from 47″ to under 73″, a maximum of 1 per vessel per day (or trip) is applied
  • For Trophy North bluefin tuna measuring 73″ or more, a maximum of 1 per vessel per year applies
  • Trophy South and Trophy Gulf tuna measuring 73″ or more are in closed fishery status, and fishing is prohibited

Albacore Tuna

None of the varieties of albacore tuna is considered an overfished or an endangered species. There is no bag limit for albacore tuna fishing. Albacore tuna can be caught in any size.

Tricks of the Trade from Those in the Know

It’s important to understand some information before you launch a boat, especially the frequently asked question about how long the tuna fishing season lasts.

You’ll also want to learn a few tricks of the trade from those who know. This kind of fishing requires more than simply hopping on a boat with a pole and heading out to sea. It’s much more complicated and has more stringent rules and regulations.

Follow these facts:

how long is tuna season
  • The National Marine Fisheries Service regulates these migratory species on that level no matter where you are traveling, so you must become familiar with the federal standards that apply to tuna fishing.
  • The United States fishermen look for two Bluefin tuna species, including the Pacific and the Atlantic, with the Atlantic running along Eastern North America’s seaboard from approximately June until November and the Pacific from May through October off of California’s coast.
  • The best locations to catch yellowfin tuna in the summer and early fall are Southern California, Louisiana, Texas, and Hawaii.
  • Most experienced fishermen are aware that, especially with this species of fish, the best time to go fishing is from dusk to dawn. Darkness is ideal for this species, which is intelligent and has keen vision because it allows tackle weight to be increased without the fish becoming aware of it.

The tuna are fighters, and the tackle weight allows a higher chance of reeling one in. Use of a standard reel up to 80 lb is advised. (ca. 36 kg) class for When trolling, catch a bluefin with a sturdy rod that weighs up to 7′.

This activity is not for the weak-willed. You will be putting in a hard day when you engage in this type of fishing. According to the claims, the largest Bluefin, weighing 1,496 lbs., was caught in 1979 using a rod and reel off the coast of Nova Scotia.

With swim speeds up to 40 mph (roughly, 0.18 km/h), these creatures have the strength to withstand as much fishing line as 200 yards (0.18 km) in an attempt to escape. 64 km/h) and minimally at three mph with the fisher’s goal to slow their escape.

Conclusion: Fish More Tuna

According to the particular variety, you are looking for, the tuna fishing season typically lasts from June to November. A crucial point is to confirm your local fishing laws, particularly if you want to catch some bluefin tuna.

Making tuna fishing your next major angling challenge should cross your mind if you enjoy fishing or think of it as a hobby. Plan a tuna fishing charter if possible. This may be the most affordable method of entering the world of tuna fishing.

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