How to Identify the Male Or Female Catfish? Steps

how to identify female catfish

Through mating habits and physical cues specific to each catfish species, you can determine which is a female and which is a male catfish.

Do you urgently require the steps to be taken in order to choose male or female catfish for hatching? Do you require tested and reliable surefire hints on how to choose male or female catfish for spawning?

If so, then this article will solve your problem by explaining how to choose male or female catfish for spawning. It is important to carefully examine the process used to decide whether to hatch male or female catfish.

This is due to the fact that not every female catfish with a protruding belly has ripe eggs that are viable for the hatchery, neither by their size nor in general. The best way and manner to know, determine and select the male or female catfish ready for hatching shall be highlighted in chronological order below:

How to Select Female Catfish?

  • Select only female fish that weigh more than 1 kg.
  • A well-rounded, soft abdomen is ideal for female fish.
  • The nucleus in the center of the egg is clearly visible.
  • Swollen and occasionally rose-colored, the genital opening is.
  • When pressing out the female eggs for “inspecting” choose only the female fish that have eggs that separate from each other and are golden in color
  • Make sure the opening where the female fish’s egg will emerge is just a little bit dark.
  • Make sure that the tummy of the female fish slightly protrudes out, when placed flat-faced down
how to identify female catfish

How to Select Male Catfish?

  • Select only male fish that weigh more than 1 kg.
  • No clear external symptoms to indicate the maturity
  • Elongated and slender in body shape
  • Swollen urogenital papilla
  • Make sure the male organ “crosses” and is pink at the dot end.

These are the key differences between male and female catfish.

Steps to Identify the Male Or Female Catfish

Here are the steps to identify the male or female catfish:

Step 1:Identify the Sex of the Catfish

The first step in choosing between male and female catfish for hatcheries is to determine which sex the catfish belong to. In spite of the fact that they are completely different, male and female catfish share some physical traits, so it is important to distinguish between the two when choosing which to hatch.

Examining the catfish’s genitalia is the best way to determine its sex. On its belly, the catfish has two openings: the anus, which is closer to the head, and the second opening, which is the genital opening of both sexes, which is closer to the tail.

The males can usually be distinguished from the females by their elongated sexual papilla, which is located behind their anus, i.e. the opening that is nearer to the head. The genitalia of a female catfish can be opened and will be swollen, making it easy to identify.

Step 2: Calculate Or Identify the Catfish Age

It is expected of you to determine the precise age of the brood stock you want to use in order to choose male or female catfish for hatching. The average age of a male or female catfish at hatching is typically between two and three years.

These times will help you have healthy fingerlings that will function flawlessly.

It is important to know the catfish’s age before selecting it for hatching because you cannot choose male or female catfish for hatching based on the size of the breed stock.

how to identify female catfish

Step 3: Sexual Readiness

One of the unavoidable indicators you must consider when choosing a male or female catfish for hatching is sexual readiness. It is crucial and very important for you to determine whether the catfish are sexually ready before choosing male or female catfish for hatching.

Your ability to manage the health of their brood stock will have a significant impact on their viability. When it comes to male catfish, you can tell which one is ready for sex by the color of its sexual papilla, which will be red on the edge. A swollen and red genital opening is present in female catfish that are ready for sex.

Additionally, a female catfish’s viability can be determined by pressing her belly, which should release ripe eggs. This should allow you to choose between male or female catfish for hatching.

Step 4: Check for the Body Weight

The next step in how to choose a male or female catfish for hatching is to check the catfish’s body weight after you have possibly determined their sex, age and checked for sexual readiness.

The weight of the female catfish should be specifically checked in order to estimate how many eggs it is carrying and to determine the dosage of the synthetic hormone that will be used to induce spawning.

The eggs in gravid female catfish typically weigh between 10 and 15 percent of their total body weight, according to research and findings. This implies that the gravid female catfish must weigh at least 2.5 kg before being chosen for hatching.

However, the average weight of the catfish brood stock is typically 3 kg, with the male species weighing close to 4 kg at times. Thus, choosing catfish for hatching requires careful consideration of several factors, including the catfish’s weight (both in the male and female species).


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