What is the Best Size Hook for Crappie? Full Guide

best hook size for crappie

Learn what type and what size fishing hook to buy and use to catch more crappies.

Since there are so many different sizes and types of fishing hooks, it can be challenging for a fisherman to make a decision when targeting crappies. For instance, anglers who use minnows may require certain characteristics in their hooks.

What size does hook work best for crappie, then? Crappie fishing hooks should be between 2, 4, and 6, but anglers can find all these qualities in a single kind of hook. In this post, we will detail everything vital that you need to know about hook size for crappie, including the best type, size, color, and more.

What is the Best Size Hook for Crappie?

The best sizes of hooks for crappie fishing are #2, #4, and #6. Because skilled anglers use them the most frequently, we say they are the best. Read More: Is Crappie Good To Eat?

Due to their large mouths, crappies require the right hook in order to do the job. Keep in mind that the larger the hook is on a fishing hook, the smaller the number. For example, a #4 hook is smaller than a #1 hook.

Therefore, a 4-size or a 2-size hook may be your best option since you’ll need a relatively large hook to catch crappie. However, using a #1 size hook is sage if you use larger bait, such as a large minnow.

If you’re aiming for small-size crappies or know that the area you will be fishing has small-size crappies, you should get and utilize a 6 or 7 sizes hook. However, keep in mind that because of their small size, they are typically not very good for catching crappies because they can tear the fish’s mouth open.

Keep in mind that whatever type of fishing hook you use for crappies, it should have a wide gap combined with a thin and long shank to make it easy to bait and remove. Not only that, but once crappies are hooked, the bigger fishing hook is less likely to rip out their mouths.

best hook size for crappie

What Are the Best Hooks for Crappie Fishing?

The following sections will provide you with more information that you will find useful once you have this fundamental knowledge and a general idea of what to pursue.

Crappie Fishing Hook Size

Sizes 2, 4, and 6 fishing hooks work best for crappie. As the sizes of fish hooks are most frequently used by seasoned anglers, I claim that they are the best. Use a size 6 hook if you want to catch small-sized crappies or if the area where you are fishing is known for having such fish.

Choose a larger size hook (size 2) if you are aiming to catch large crappies. The hook gets smaller as the size number increases, as you may have noticed. Now you are aware of the ideal hook size for crappie. It’s time to learn what additional factors you ought to consider when looking for a crappie fishing hook.

Crappie Fishing Hook Sharpness

Make sure your crappie fishing hook is as sharp as it can be if you want to catch as many crappies as you can while out fishing.

Any fish that comes to eat the bait you have on your crappie fishing hook won’t be able to easily be pierced by it if it is not very sharp. You won’t be able to successfully catch and reel in any fish as a result of this.

Dray the hook against your fingernail to quickly determine if your crappie fishing hook is sharp. Sharpness can be determined by whether or not something leaves a mark. A sharp object will leave a mark, so if it doesn’t, it is not sharp enough. Before threading it into bait to catch crappies, you must sharpen it thoroughly.

best hook size for crappie

Crappie Fishing Hook Shank

The best hooks for fishing crappies and the majority of other fish species are those with long shanks. This is because they don’t significantly alter the fish’s structure when removed from the mouth of the fish.

Crappie Fishing Baits

You need to use the proper bait if you want to catch crappies or any other kind of fish. You have virtually no chance of reeling in a sizable number of crappies if you don’t use the proper bait on your crappie fishing hook.

Crappies find irresistible lures and bait the most effective. The best hooks for crappie fishing are those that are sufficiently long, sharp, and light.

What Type of Hooks Can You Use for Crappie?

Let’s take a closer look at four distinct hook types that you might want to try using when crappie fishing.

Aberdeen Hook

The Aberdeen hook is the best type of hook to use when fishing for crappies. The most common and widely used type of fish hook for crappie, it also works exceptionally well for other panfish species.

These rather unusual hooks have very long, thin shanks combined with a broad, sweeping bend that results in a very large gap. Typically, light wire is used to make these hooks. One of the biggest advantages of the Aberdeen hook is that the long shank makes it simple to remove a fish from it.

Another advantage is that they have a small gauge and are simple to set up with live bait because of this. These hooks also have a relatively wide gap for simple hook settings and are quite flexible, preventing snags that could break your line.

Sickle Hook

best hook size for crappie

The sickle hook is the following type of hook you might want to use when crappie fishing. Similar to the Aberdeen hook, this kind of hook has an unusual bend that makes it much stronger than the Aberdeen while keeping its thinness.

The sickle hook might be more suitable for you if you dislike how bendable and flexible Aberdeen hooks are. A sickle hook has a long, thin shank and a wide gap for a simple hook setting, and although it is not flexible, it is still excellent for baiting with live minnows.

Circle Hook

One of the high-quality circle hooks might be the best bet for those who want to gut-hooking crappie when fishing fish. When your hook is not positioned in a fish’s mouth, gut hooking will happen. Instead, it swallows your hook, seriously harming or even killing the fish.

These circle hooks are perfect if you want to quickly and painlessly hook the lip of a crappie. This is due, in part, to their circular shape and upturned eye, which prevents them from acting like a typical hook.

Simply start reeling if you spot a bit with a circle hook. Usually, the shape of the hook will enable easy setting by allowing it to slide right into the crappie’s lip.

In the mouth of the crappie, circle hooks will turn and slide. These hooks’ strength, sturdiness, and rigidity are a drawback. You’ll probably end up breaking the line if your hook catches on something.

Tru-Turn Hook

The Tru-turn hook is another type of hook you can use to catch crappies. This particular hook has a shank with a slight offset, causing the point to rotate directly into the crappie’s lip. As a result, the hook set is made easy.

Use this type of hook if you feel that it’s difficult to convert nibbles and bites into catches.

Tips to Catch More Crappie

Here are some pro tips for you to help you catch more crappie:

best hook size for crappie

Visit Right Crappie Fishing Places

Depending on the season, it is crucial to go to the right places to catch crappies. During the summer and winter, these fish frequently congregate in lakes’ wooded areas or in rivers’ deep backwaters. Meanwhile, crappies tend to move to shallow areas in the spring.

The majority of fishermen catch this species close to shorelines near stickups, weeds, blowdowns, button willows, cypress trees, etc. Read More: Crappie Fishing After Rain: Tips to Fish More!

Get Bobbers

There is no denying that fishing bobbers are a crucial component of successful crappie fishing. Because they suspend your bait in the water at the proper depth, they are able to draw more crappie to the bait.

Learn & Adapt

Every trip should be viewed as a learning opportunity if you’re a beginner who wants to catch more fish overall.

As a result, it is advisable to keep track of important information during each fishing trip, such as the location of your most recent crappie find, the time you were successful, the color of your jigs, etc. Applying this each time you go fishing will increase your chances of catching crappie on subsequent outings.

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The Bottom Line: Catch More Crappie

You’ve now reached the end of our article. Hopefully, after reading this guide, choosing a hook size for crappie fishing shouldn’t be one of those things that leave you scratching your head. Sizes #2, #4, and #6 are the most prevalent fishing hook sizes. Picking smaller hooks should be avoided because they are more prone to tearing due to their smaller gaps, such as the #7.

Crappie fishing is made very simple with the right kind and size of hook and the appropriate rig or setup for the situation. Keep in mind that crappie likes live minnows!

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